Neerup High Grade Pipes

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Peder Jeppesen is the carver of Neerup pipes, the moniker inspired by an old family name of one of his grandmothers. He began making pipes with Karl Erik and, later, Erik Nording, with Nording being the one to really teach Peder many of the necessary steps involved in stem decoration and mass production. After he purchased extensive pipe making equipment, Peder was eventually able to set up his own workshop.

Working alongside his son, Christian Noah Jeppesen, Peder fashions Neerup pipes by carving a design and, then, having a machine copy the shape. After this is done, he slightly alters the shape and finishes it by hand to make each piece unique. This time-saving way of pipe making is what allows Peder to carve such a high quantity of pipes each year.

Outside of the Basic, Classic, and Structure series, Peder and Christian also offer the P. Jeppesen Ida Easy Cut and High Grade lines. These pipes are all handmade by Peder and Christian (the latter's work denoted by his "Noah" stamp) and represent more individualized styles and Freehand shapes. Many Neerup pipes feature some sort of decorative accent (usually briar, acrylic, or silver), and each is fit with an acrylic mouthpiece, often in stunning, proprietary colors. The Jeppesens offer a number of gorgeous finishes, including marvelous contrast stains, sandblasts, rustications, or a combination of the three.