Maurizio Tombari was born in Pesaro in 1953 and graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti in Urbino in 1978, with a degree in painting. From his graduation until 1996 he worked in Pesaro for pipe makers Mastro de Paja and Ser Jacopo, and at the same time was an interior designer.Maurizio also participated in many painting exibitions during these formative years. Le Nuvole was created in 1996, as a cumulative expression of these experiences.

Pipes, like clouds, unrepeatable and light in weight.

This poetic image, as well as an analogy between pipes and smoke clouds, has inspired the name "Le Nuvole" (the clouds). Maurizio's wish was to make a pipe from his own hands, from A to Z. Such a pipe had to be a carefully made product that would demonstrate uniqueness, harmony and be light-weight, just like the clouds.


Maurizio's initial foray into "solo" pipemaking resulted in filling up many books with drawings of pipes and pipe shapes. His intent was to make pipes that were both original and smokable. Maurizio
Stefania Maurizio's wife, Stefania, helped out by approaching the design from a more architectural vantage. They both studied pottery, amphorae, vases, and other interesting shapes. This was quite convenient, as Pesaro has been the home of ceramics and pottery since the middle ages! This team has turned out to be quite the stunning duo. Stefania was not limited by what she thought a pipe should be and so helped Maurizio become more than he thought he was as a pipe maker.

In the few moments that he allows himself to relax, Maurizio likes to read and listen to popular music. You may also catch a glimps of him on a casual stroll along the sea or through the hills that surround his home town. Maurizio considers himself a very lucky man! Due to the long and labor-intensive process involved in the making if Le Nuvole pipes, production rarely exceeds 250 pipes in a given year.