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Sergey Senatorov is a pipe maker just shy of thirty years old and has recently made a splash in the pipe world. He lives in Latvia and holds true to traditions as well as common influence from his relatively close neighbors in the pipe world. Victor Yashtylov taught the budding pipe maker what was important in pipes outside of shape ingenuity (which he has plenty of). Fit, finish, and style all work harmoniously together in his work, and you can see that he learned exquisite sandblasting techniques early in his career

In a world with many great pipe makers, sandblasting techniques and aggression make even a really nice pipe seem apart from the crowd. When you take apart one of his pipes, you will notice his stems are all cut from solid ebonite rod; no different material for a tenon, and no shortcuts on execution. Wide-open slots make his mouthpieces slightly thicker (5-6mm) than some other artisans, but airflow is superior to other big-names in the industry that have a similar mouth feel, yet are regarded for their smoking properties. Effortless weight and smoking experience are as much in the center of his craft as his artistry.