About Me:
I enjoy all kinds of pipe tobacco - if well made! Mostly English, Va's, Burlies and VaPers.

Grand Croupier - Boneyard
Surprisingly Good!
Like everyone else I ordered a 2 oz sample with a little trepidation. BWTH I thought - it might be pretty good? Wel I got my 2 ounces and I have to say it is surprisingly pretty good. My blend has a full bodied oomph with a nice complexity. There is plenty of Latakia and Perique and whole bunch of other tobaccos (Orientals? VA's?) make for a satisfying smoke. The fact that this is a mystery blend of different English blends make this a fun blend to try. I like it so much that I ordered 1/2 a pound -I hope I luck out again but at $14 bucks shipped - I call that a Winner!!!