Michael T.

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    Farewell McClelland
  • ► I can't seem to find out anywhere why a producer of some of my favorite tobaccos that I'll have to learn to live without when my supply runs out could go out of business. Please let me know what happened. Many thanks for the pleasure of your great tobaccos.
  • ► I had a feeling the government might have had something to do with it. I hadn't thought of the quality of leaf problem. It's a shame that such a harmless and peaceful hobby is being harassed so badly. There are plenty of real harmful places for them to look for trouble than pipe smoking.
  • ► I'm not sure if they can or will sell they're tobacco recipes but it sure would be a wonderful thing for all us lovers of the McClelland blends. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
  • ► Honestly I'm not sure. I've smoked so many different blends that I can't remember them all. Quite often for info I go to TobaccoReviews.com and see what other people have to say about a blend and sometimes they will say what it is similar too. Also I'm sure that the good and knowledgeable folks at Smokingpipes would be happy to make some suggestions. If you find one please let us all know. Thanks