About Me:
Custom woodworker in Hamilton, Ontario. Smoking Latakia mixtures almost exclusively. I'd kinda rather spend my money on classic trucks than on pipes these days. That said, I keep my hand in the game, mostly collecting pipes by Mike Parks.

Drucquer & Sons - Blairgowrie 100g
A full dry smoke
Ever interested in what Greg Pease puts out, I picked up all seven varieties of the D & sons blends. I've got to say, Blairgowrie is not really my jam. It is a full blend with the virginia's and perique taking the wheel, orientals & latakia offering modest influence. I guess I would call this a vaper blend with a pronounced oriental/latakia influence. You bet it's a good smoke, but I find myself keen to get through the tin and on to other smokes. To orient my POV, my tastes tend towards the medium English/Balkan blends. Margate, Westminster, Charing Cross, and Germain's Original Latakia Mixture are faves. In the Drucquer line, Trafalgar knocked it out of the part for me.

Samuel Gawith
Commonwealth Mixture 50g

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