Adam A.

G. L. Pease - Laurel Heights 2oz
Not so sure
Perhaps I'm smoking this out of the wrong pipe, but I find it rather bland, and uncharacteristic

McConnell - Scottish Blend 50g
No, not this one
Life is too short for tobacco you don't love, into the garbage.

Three Nuns - Three Nuns 1.75oz
Very enjoyable
There is a time for this smoke, I loved it during the colder months, but have no interest in it during desert summers.

G. L. Pease - Sixpence 2oz
A New Criterion
I didn't know tobacco could be so good, G. L. Pease certainly has a genius for pipe tobacco.

Chonowitsch - T 14 50g
Not for me either
A fine smoke--on the lighter side, with some body, and a great woody flavor. Smells like an English blend, but after smoking it once or twice, I realized I was forcing myself to like it, and then it sat there for a few months, and then without trying it again I threw it away,

Vauen - Crunchy Blend 50g
Super Light
A very light, sweet aromatic with a watery body, and hazel/macadamia nut only flavor. The tobacco seems to be missing all together.

Dan Tobacco - Salty Dogs 50g
I don't get it.
I don't understand why this cost more than other VA/Per. It smokes well, good body, but has next to no flavor, and I ended up smoking it all just to get rid of it. Good enough not to throw away, but not good enough for me to buy again.

Peterson - 3 P's Peterson's Perfect Plug 50g
My Father's Closet
This was not for me. Virginia, Burley, what could possibly go wrong? I thought, but upon lighting it, I was hit with notes of cedar, not that of a deep autumnal forest; rather the stuffiness of my father's closet. I tried smoking the bowl down to the bottom, and as I did, the more advanced in years became the experience; on the whole, I could only think and taste the scents of old men. The after taste was of uncharacteristic smoke. I love Peterson's, own the pipes, and have enjoyed two of their tobaccos, just not this one.

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