About Me:
When I began my life with tobaccos, I started with both a pipe and cigars. As far as cigars are concerned, I've no favorite, doubt I ever will and I doubt it will ever be made. I do have an all time favorite pipe tobacco, Samuel Gawith's 1792.

Pipe Accessories - Martin Wess 7 Pipe Bag
Spacious pipe tote
I've been eyeing this Martin Wess pipe bag for over a year now, broke down and bought it last week. I don't know why I hesitated, much like Nicholas' review this bag does indeed allow for large pipes. Was a bit wary trying to fit a three star Ferndown full-bent Dublin, in addition to a differentiated pair of Karl Erik freehands, one of which is quite large, a Peterson Sherlock Holmes Strand, a Peterson xl02 red spray spigot, a Savinelli Trevi 320ks sandblast, and a Dunhill County gr5 diplomat (the smallest of the pipes) for the current rotation. With ample room to spare for a folding pipe rest, 8deco canted tamper, senior pipe reamer, a slew of pipe cleaners, kiribi lighter (and a bottle of flints), and a tin of my favorite 1792.

Esoterica - Penzance 8oz
Great fresh or cellared
I've got about five or six ounces from a pouch I snagged back in 2000, most of it has crumbled up but still tastes fantastic especially the bits with crystallized sugar on them. Delicious crumble kake flakes. Hope to score another pouch sooner or later.

Peterson - Irish Flake 50g
Fans of HH Bold Kentucky, try this
This is a beauty of burl/va, the richness of the Virginias meld well with the dark fire's earthiness and spice; it's almost akin to a well married VaPer flake. This is one of the few flakes that I enjoy both moist and dry (the others being 1792, ODF, and Wintertime Flake). It's almost a sibling taste wise to Bold Kentucky. I just wish this was offered in 16oz bags like some of the other Peterson tobaccos (though this is actually a Kohlhasse & Kopp produced blend), I'd surely buy a few, not that I don't mind the rich tin note.

Samuel Gawith - 1792 Flake 50g
All time favorite
From my first tin over eight years ago I was hooked, from the tin aroma to room note to taste it's a grand trifecta for me. If you can tolerate the tonquin casing which is quite deep, it can be really impressive whether moist right out of the tin or dry and both packs and smokes extraordinarily easy. Strength wise 1792 is on par with Mac Baren HH ODF, and Peterson's Irish Flake (both also are favorites).

Penzance 8oz

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Samuel Gawith
Winter Time Flake 50g

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Penzance 2oz

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Samuel Gawith
1792 Flake 250g

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