Quorum - Natural Corona (20 Pack)
Too wet
This cigar is not badly made. Just way too moist in its cellophane plastic. Takes awhile to dry these suckers out

Romeo y Julieta - Habana Reserve Love Story
Like any other Romeos
Simple,classic cigar. Burns nicely. What else do you want me to say?

Romeo y Julieta - Reserva Real Lonsdale
Like any Romeos
Classic cigar. Nice shape. Long and simple.

Romeo y Julieta - Reserve Corona en Tubo
It's alright. Like any other Romeo Y Julietas.

Daughters & Ryan - Vengeur 40g
Good Stuff
Good stuff. Smooth and pretty standard tobacco blend. I'd say medium built. Not harsh at all. But it leaves an excellent aftertaste.

F & K - Black Bayou Mist
A very gentle,hickory flavor. Smooth and light blend. Too light for my taste. Leaving a slight aftertaste.

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