Mac Baren - Burley: London Blend 3.5oz
I hope this is a LOT closer to the original blend that the recent limited re-release was. I smoked the original for many years and nothwithstanding the many favorable reviews that limited issue received, I have respectfully disagree. I placed two orders for the re-issue and immediately returned 19 of them, which I very much appreciated Smoking pipes cooperation. I had to use my imagination to taste any chocolate notes in the original. My first two or three pipes of the re-issue made me this I was smoking a candy bar. I can well believe every ones taste is not the same, but? I very much want to order 10 of this reissue but the last one overwhelmed that desire. I am happy for those that were pleased with the previous reissue and l hope they have the same experience with this one.

Mac Baren
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