Timmothy F.

Lighters - IM Corona Laurel Chrome Plate Dragon
Beautiful, but fickle
Firstly, this lighter is beautiful. Aesthetically, it is everything I wanted. The size, weight and feel are spot on. Unfortunately, it does not spark a flame consistently (yes, I am using Corona flints and ultra-refined butane). As far as I can figure, the issue is with the spark wheel. It creates a divot in the flint, and just doesn't spark right without constant fiddling. Sometimes it will light on first attempt for a day or three in a row, if the flint is positioned just right. Mostly though, it is a mystery as to whether I'll get a light or not. As much as I want to live it, I find myself using other lighters instead. The elegance of design ultimately fails to counter the fiddly engineering.

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    Life After McClelland
  • ► i have diverse tastes, and nearly always try something new when i place a tobacco order. still haven't found a replacement for my favorites from mclelland though. if anyone has suggestions for prozies of frog moton's cellar and grey havens, i'm all ears. i've been smoking speakeasy and regents flake lately; enjoy them both.