Lane Limited - Medal of Valor 1.75oz
Excellent Orientals!
This is an outstanding tobacco. In fact, it has become one of my favorites. If you are a fan of orientals, you must try Medal of Valor. Moisture level was ready to smoke right out of the tin too.

Dunhill - My Mixture 965 50g
I absolutely love this tobacco. Smooth, silky, buttery, and chock full of latakia goodness. I personally like the room note as well, sort of like a wood stove or fireplace. If you've never tried this one, you should.

Edward G. Robinson - Edward G. Robinson's Pipe Blend 1.5oz
Good blend
This tobacco reminds me of plum cake. It has a raisin-y taste enhanced by the smoky robustness of some latakia. I found the tobacco to be just the right moisture level out of the tin, and it lit and smoked nicely. There was no tongue bite or other major detractors. I'm going to keep this in rotation. Good stuff!

Drew Estate - Heirloom Cherry 50g
Good cherry blend
I didn't want to like this blend after first opening the tin. The first pipe seemed to have a soapy cherry taste that I didn't care for. After letting the tin sit for a week, I went back to it for a second chance. Wow! I don't know if the difference was truly in the tobacco, or my taste buds, but I really like this tobacco now. The cherry is fairly subtle and not a sour taste like some. There is the taste of pastry as well in here, so it really tastes like a cherry pie. I will buy this again.

Cornell & Diehl
Haunted Bookshop

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Lane Limited
Medal of Valor 1.75oz

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F & K
Lancer Slices

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My Mixture 965 50g

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My Mixture 965

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Mac Baren
HH Acadian Perique 16oz

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Mac Baren
HH Vintage Syrian 16oz

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Mac Baren
Plumcake 3.5oz

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A & C Petersen
Escudo Navy Deluxe 50g

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G. L. Pease
Haddo's Delight 2oz

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