G. L. Pease - Westminster 16oz
and yea, I must concur with David R, this blend is reliably fulfulling -- ripe and grassy with a hint of olives in its scent, and latheringly leathery in its thick texture, Westminster has never failed me either to be satiating. It's aromatic profile I suppose, could be called humble -- but most definitely not meek; a few sonorous tones fluidly interweave, and then leave, a mellow-deep aftertaste. I find it singularly odd and pleasing that the word that most comes to mind when I think of this tobacco is, rotund. Alas, there was a day not too long in the past, when the afternoon concluding in an ethereally gloomy dusk, I puffed on a pipe of Westminster, and it blossomed to a truly exceptional smoke. I mean to say, that despite some meadiocre bowls, do not lose hope (that cheap thing, sweet thing) too soon, as perhaps the moment most suited for that particular leaf has not come. In response to Mark G: I almost always dry (using the heat of the sun, a pre-warmed oven, heater, or fire) my tobaccos to a moistureless fluffyness (avoiding scorching them to the point when they become crisp and crumbled to dust) for a well-burning smoke. And certainly increasing the surface area available to combustion (that is cutting it up) will increase the ease of burning -- when I roll fags of pipe tobacco (Westminster does not make a good cigarette alone however) I always do this.

Mac Baren - Mixture Scottish Blend
A warm and juicy blend reminiscent of the sweet honeyed taste of dried fruit, and I found, towards the end of the bowl, a rich wet brandy. Agree completely with Drew -- the tongue bit is some, but quite slight actually: this blend I find is nice to smoke at a slower pace, really savouring its mild and satisfying sweetness. And yea, a good solid aromatic tobacco.

G. L. Pease - Odyssey 8oz
Perfectly piquant.
Upon lighting, immediately you sense that pleasant leading bouquet that belongs to latakia -- piquant tones of rose and leatheriness, flowery and somehow stale-fresh. Then as the bowl progresses, a melodious undertone reinforces the sweetness of the latakia: a mellow apricot-tinged vanilla richness rises from underneath, just subtly nutty, and becomes more and more present, spreading, and ensconcing the flavours in the same way as your briar hugs its tobacco. Quite a sweet smoke, and it goes well I say with a sweet whiskey.

G. L. Pease - Maltese Falcon 2oz
Rich as royalty
Wonderful, endless depth of flavour, but without being overly complex. Riveting but delightfully pungently simple. Rolls off your tongue like nothing I've smoked. Delicious. But mm, Daniel B., that is annoying. I mean when you want to savour a nice pipe moment on next to no notice, you have to sit there and watch it dry for a good while before it's the right dampness. Then you don't feel like a pipe anymore. I've read though that the dampness is purposeful, to make it store well, so I guess its worth it. Would be interesting in a few years. G. L. Pease you are a hero

Lane Limited - BL/WB
Sweet & Smooth
A nice tobacco, in a pleasant sunny afternoon kind of way. The body of the smoke is medium, tending towards light sometimes; nicely soft. Meanwhile, the flavour is quite robust -- an overall impression of milky-ness is constituted by a mellow nutty base with cherry and sweet red apple overtones. My only complaint is that the sweetness can be a little coying at times, overpowering the earthy, but rather gentle, nuttiness.

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