Daniel K.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Black & Brown
Aromatic with a nicotine kick
The blend has a balanced chocolate aroma and halfway through the bowl it starts to fade into a pure tobacco taste with a good amount of nicotine present..If you like a burley based blend you would like this.

Peter Stokkebye - PS701 Virginia
Good every day smoke
This starts out mild but grows a lot in flavor and strength by the end of the bowl. It never gets bitter if puffed slowly. It has a natural sweetness with no goopy artificial flavor. I use it as a blending tobacco as well. It is better than many high cost tinned blends if you want a lower nicotine smoke.

Peter Stokkebye - Aroma Dutch Slices
Good every day smoke
I smoke this all day long as well as using it as a blender for stronger tobacco. It doesn't have the bitterness halfway through the bowl like cheap burleys do.It's sweeter than most burleys. Almost like a mild Virginia at times.

Newminster - No.400 Superior Navy Flake
Received by mistake
This tobacco was sent to me by mistake on an order I placed. Of course I had to try it. Glad that I did. The Superior Flake is a high quality medium strength golden Virginia at a bulk price. On the box label there was no "Navy" mentioned. That is what peaked my curiosity to try it. It is not a complex mixture but is a pleasant,smooth,flavorful flake with subtle nuances and gains strength gradually.It is sweet in a natural tobacco way. I highly recommend this.

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