Dunhill - Ready Rubbed 50g
Ready Rubbed used to be my all-favourite, all-day smoke more or less throughout the 1990s (it used to be packed in rectangular tins back then). When I recently noticed it was back, I hurried to order 10 tins, and was unpleasantly surprised. The new product has little or nothing to do with its very special, high-quality predecessor. This tobacco used to have different (darker)colour, cut, taste and aroma. It burnt much better, more slowly and consistently then the present version (it had a little more humidity to it, and a much more convincing "body"), had a much more distinct, extremely delicate and pleasant aroma, it was somewhat stronger, and, importantly, had no bite whatsoever. None of these features seem to exist in the renewed mixture, which I find dull and of mediocre quality. What a pity.

Mac Baren
Club Blend 3.5oz

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