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McClelland - 605 - Pastry
Light and Pleasant
If you are a fan of aromatics and you want a smoke that can be enjoyed during work or play, Pastry might be the tobacco for you. It is mild, nutty, slightly sweet, and it is very well-behaved. This tobacco doesn't demand much attention from the smoker to perform well, and so it is the blend I choose when I have a problem to solve that demands exclusive concentration, or when I need to make a brisk walk across town to meet an impending appointment.

Tampers & Tools - Rubber Pipe Bits (2 pack)
Essential Equipment for the Pipe Shark
If you have teeth that are more suited towards dismembering bodies than gently gripping a vulcanite stem, these bits are for you. They last a couple of weeks before they tear, and they can save you from much labor at the buffing wheel. Just remember to pull them off after every smoke, or else you may find your vulcanite stems discolor a bit more swiftly.

Tampers & Tools - Pipe Nail
Square Peg in a Round Hole?
This tool does its job, and the fact that it is square instead of round has never caused me the slightest hint of distress. Because it is inexpensive, one can buy a multitude of them without breaking one's budget. Because it is plain and utilitarian, one is not greatly bothered when one loses their Brebbia Pipe Nail. Because one is not obsessive, one is not excessively bothered by the fact that the head of the pipe nail is not round.

Pipe Accessories - Leather Pipe Stand
A Decent Bed for Briars
This pipe pillow is well constructed and it serves as a good place to rest your briars. If you are a fan of meerschaums, however, take care! The Brebbia Leather Pipe Stand will leave tiny green stains on your meer at the points of heaviest contact. Great for briars (and possibly pyrolytic graphite, cobs, metal, redstone, moon rocks, and human bones), but not suited for sea foam.

Hearth & Home - Egg Nog 1.5oz
Tastes Like It Smells
If you desire a moderately sweet aromatic that tastes exactly as it smells, Egg Nog is something you should try. Buy a single tin and experiment with it a bit to see if it works with you and your pipes. Personally, I love this blend, but it can prove to be an unruly, peppery beast if you draw on it too hard or try to smoke it in a pipe with a narrow airway. The room note is always divine, however, and the taste is something like eating a slice of French Toast with maple syrup while you are seated at a freshly polished reading table in your personal library.

Tampers & Tools - PIPNET Pipe Reamer
Solid, durable, and very effective.
The PIPNET pipe reamer is a tough little tool that makes quick work of paring down and smoothing out the carbon cake in a pipe bowl. I especially like the PIPNET because it fits together solidly, which enables the tool to be used with great precision. Unlike the reamers with loose adjustable blades, the PIPNET doesn't easily skip or chatter when it is being used, so there is much less risk of you fracturing a cake or taking a chunk of briar out of the inner rim of your pipe. I've used the PIPNET on everything from a cheap old Dr. Grabow to a 1922 Dunhill Shell double patent, and it has given me no problems.

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - Obsidian Pipe Stem Oil 18ml
Keeps the gray away!
Obsidian Pipe Stem Oil is one of the best products available for protecting vulcanite pipe stems from oxidation. Just put a drop of it on a clean stem and rub it in well, then let the stem rest for an hour in a place where it won't collect any dust. After the oil has soaked in a bit, simply buff the stem with a soft cloth until it shines. I've tried this product with good results on both new pipes and older estate pipes.

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - Brebbia Stem Polish (7.5 ml)
A helpful product!
Brebbia Stem Polish works well for cleaning up lightly oxidized vulcanite pipe stems. If a stem has turned slightly gray, green, or brown, this product can fix it up. Putting a bit of the polish on a paper towel and buffing the pipe stem by hand for a couple of minutes seems to give the best result. I've never had this product leave a scratch or fail to clean up a slightly discolored stem, so it has become an essential part of my cleaning kit.
    An Alternative to Matches and Lighters
  • ► A hot ember, taken from a wood fire with tongs or a smaller tool specially made for the purpose of lighting a pipe, usually has a temperature of around 900°F. While it is a bit hotter than the hemp wick that has been suggested here, it is still a viable alternative to a match or a mechanical lighter, and I believe it has some inherent benefits. Best of all, the hot ember method of lighting a pipe has a long history. I'll try to find myself some of the hemp wicks and give them a whirl to see how they perform in comparison, however. Thank you and Ethan for making me a bit wiser and encouraging me to expand my horizons!