Cornell & Diehl - Burley Flake #5 2oz
A Great Burley Blend
Similar in flavor to Old Dark Fired, this Flake has a better Virginia balance/presence that even non-VA fans will like. The Dark Fired adds a hint of spice like a good rye and the overall combination comes together for an earthy, smooth, flavorful smoke with less nicotine than you’d expect. I still prefer Old Dark Fired for the extra nicotine and overall flavor, but I would have no qualms if I could only smoke this. Definitely #2 in my current rotation,
    All Pipes Considered: Chip Kushner Part Two
  • ► It’s funny how tastes change.When I first got into pipes I preferred a bent pipe because I liked the look more and I also would seek out some larger briars too.Almost 10 years have passed and now I’m more into the whimsical Neerup flowing bend, but almost all my new pipes are straight pipes. I’ve also moved to lighter pipes as well and have practically gotten rid of the bigger heavier pieces as I found I just wasn’t using them as much. Who knows, in ten years those might have flip flopped again,