Al L.

Cornell & Diehl - Crooner 2oz
Would you like to swing on a star...?
What a pleasant surprise this is. I have sampled a few blends with deer tongue and found them "interesting", but not something to write home about. But this is the exception, probably due to its utter simplicity. I see some other reviews that people didn't like the fact that the burley can bite. Yup, that's true, mild tasting burley (which this is) can really bite you if you attack it. And the vitamin N content can sneak up and whack you over the head also. but if this one is biting you then check your technique, because I found no bite whatsoever. And I read a couple who didn't like the deer tongue taste, okay I can understand that, I don't care for Lakeland essence. In fact if the Lakeland blends tasted like this I would smoke them and enjoy them... they don't, I don't. .. 'nuff said. This won't be my all day smoke, maybe not even an everyday smoke, but I think I will making sure to have it around for a great change of pace smoke.

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