Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Kendal #7
Rich and with good manners.
Just off the back deck after another bowl of this excellent blend. First things first. The constituent tobaccos are: Indian dark air-cured tobacco (35%), Combined with 27% dark-fired leaf and only 38% flue-cured Virginias. I get very little to nothing of anything Lakeland in terms of scenting. I detected the merest smidgen of cocoa. All reviewers thus far are pretty much spread across the board in these regards. In terms of cut...I disagree with most others. My recent bag is definitely not shag. In fact it is a fairly heavy ribbon. It came moist, very packable and eager to light and burn. No bite. My constant sipping didn’t overheat it or change the flavors which are rich and do indeed show cigar notes from time to time. This is touted as being the base blend for other GH surprise. It’s rich enough that even by adding Lakeland scenting the base tobacco would shine through...a hallmark of GH scented Lakelands. Yes, this IS under the radar - but shouldn’t be. Less smoky than Dark Birds Eye it has significant flavor, good manners and a decent hit of N. It should be far more popular. Highly recommend to seasoned puffers of Brit blends especially.