Michael B.

Tampers & Tools - Brigham Stainless Steel Pipe Tool
I have bought three of these in quick succession and they fall apart. Are there not any made in US of A. I had a pipe tool made in Sheffield for 30 years until I lost it. These are not good for 3 months.

Capstan - Flake Blue 1.75oz
Capstan hasn't been available in Australia for years (or any decent tobacco come to that).The last time I was in London I couldn't even find any Capstan anywhere. My daughter took her final semester of law in Utrecht but as she is a rabid anti-smoker I had to ask my future son-in-law to get me a kilo when visiting. He dutifully did so but left it on the luggage rack on the train to Amsterdam. My pshychological recovery from that event can now begin. God bless you all @ Smoking Pipes

Flake Blue 1.75oz

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