Samuel Gawith - Grousemoor 50g
My Preferred Breakfast Blend
Grousemoor is unlike any other tobacco I've smoked. I definitely taste something I'd describe as herbal and with so many calling it lemongrass, I'll take their word for it. It's certainly not lemon zesty though, it's nicely balanced with the tobacco flavor. From the tin I smell Fruit Loops cereal, my wife doesn't. It's a beautiful light golden Virginia that I like to let dry overnight for a morning smoke. I thoroughly enjoy the taste/aroma in the mouth, snorked, and allowed to wisp up my nostrils; each one bringing out subtle differences in the flavor profile. I would call the mouthfeel creamy. For me there's a noticeable dose of nicotine, not a high dose that would cause any discomfort, but enough to thoroughly relax me, that slightly warming glow I cherish in the morning. My wife finds the room note very pleasant. This excels as a sipper in the morning. Now that I've experienced it, I want nothing else with my morning coffee. I've never been one to dedicate a pipe to a specific blend or style, but with this one I will. As delicate as the flavor profile is I can see it easily being tainted by other tobaccos. I'm breaking in a new bowl for my Falcon with Grousemoor and will reserve it for this blend only.