Moshe S.

Mac Baren - HH Rustica Ready Rubbed
This is my first review ever although I smoke pipes since 55 years. Mostly I smoke flakes….Latakia based is my favorite. I was lured to this one by the claim that it is so strong. So I fed it into one of my Dunhills. Early impression: superb! I can’t describe why exactly I enjoy it But I do. I once hope it won’t burn my mouth because my oral lining is sensitive. If it does I may mix it with my pure Cornell Latakia. So the early impression is very promising

Presbyterian - Presbyterian 50g
I bought it because I was impressed with all those great reviews. minister or not prime minister...I am not too enthusiastic about this mixture . I find it just another "English-style" tabacco. Nothing special...Disclaimer: I mostly smoke Flake...

Flake 50g

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