Dunhill - Three Year Matured 50g
Return of a classic...
Dunhill Three Year Matured is back! Three Year Matured is a full-tasting, well-rounded Virginia blend. It's not so much sweet, but has a matured dryness like a good bottle of wine or scotch. There's the taste of dark, heavy bread and oats, along with an herbal spiciness, which I suspect is due to the presence of a "pinch of oriental leaf." It burns cool even in my most finicky pipes and is gentle on the tongue. I sometimes smoke a little too voraciously, and Three Year Matured has never bitten me. If you're worried about the addition of a "fruit essence," don't be. It is truly as "subtle" as promised by the description. I only noted its presence occasionally in the side-stream aroma.Having only had a chance to sample a fresh tin, I look forward to trying this after it has been aged a bit.

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