Padron - Serie 1926 Maduro #6
I love these
This is one of my favorite sticks which is how I know that the description here (2/21/2019) is inaccurate. The No. 6 is always 4.75 inches long and 50 ring gauge. It is also box pressed.

Pipe Accessories - Savinelli Bordeaux Roll-up Pipe Pouch
Good Quality
This is not a tobacco pouch. I do not know why the description states that it holds 50 grams of your favorite tobacco. It does its real job well, which is protecting your pipe when on the go. There is also a little sleeve sewn into the interior to hold a tamper. The leather is soft and well constructed with a soft liner material. I pack a bowl and keep it in with a weather cap before I wrap up the pipe and stow it in the saddle bag on my bobber.

Dan Tobacco - Old Ironsides 50g
Holy Latakia!
Very heavy latakia. The flake rubbed out nicely and was a good moisture level for smoking straight out of the tin. If there are other flavors besides the smokey latakia, I did not detect them. It smoked cool and the tin art is awesome too, obviously.

Seattle Pipe Club - Plum Pudding Special Reserve 4oz
It is soooo good!
All of the glowing reviews that you have read about this tobacco are true. Anything contrary is a dirty lie. This is the tobacco that your mother warned you about. You will be addicted. I would give it 6 stars if that was possible. I won't bore you with the details, just smoke some now.

Captain Earle's - Diamond Head 2oz
Good ol' Captain Earl!
This is a full flavored English shag that has been pressed into a cake. The moisture was perfect straight out of the can and it smoked quite well. I will purchase this blend again

G. L. Pease - Chelsea Morning 2oz
Easy English
This is a very mild English in my opinion. It smokes well and is quite mild. I believe that C&D's Yale Mixture is a fair comparison if you have tried that one. I will purchase another tin for the cellar.

Stands & Pouches - Savinelli Velvet Pouch Green
Nice product
It seems well made and well thought. The only gripe that I have is that it will not accommodate the large bowled Savanilli Hercules Bulldog that I bought it for, but that is hardly the product's fault. keep in mind that a 6.5 inch pipe with a very large bowl will not fit in this pouch.

Sutliff - Christmas Spice
Burnt Plastic
I really hope I just received a foul batch of this tobacco. The charring light had the unmistakable taste of burnt plastic. That foul flavor subsided but did not disappear as I attempted to work my way through the bowl. A dozen puffs was all that I could tolerate. I dumped it out in the ashtray and dumped the bag in the garbage.

Sutliff - 526 - Old Professor
A New Go To
I absolutely love this blend. Is it Balkan or English? Does it really matter? The most interesting aspect is the development of the bowl towards the bottom. A super creamy and sweet finish that inspired me to pack another bowl. Not too heavy on the Latakia in this mix, but enough still to be an important part of the experience.

Cornell & Diehl - Yale Mixture 2oz
Great balance.
As the mfg's description states, the latakia is in the background but still remains an active component in the experience. Plenty of smokey eastern goodness to keep me happy without the campfire effect. I will add it to my rotation.

Cornell & Diehl - Blockade Runner 2oz
What a disappointment.
I had high hopes for this that were dashed quickly. Straight out of the can it was dryer than any cake I have ever seen. The rum smell (tin note) that everyone talks about was much more of a harsh alcohol smell that burned the nostrils. Smoke was similar to a dry cigar. In fact, it was exactly like a dry cigar. This will be the first tin to ever hit my garbage can.

Ashtrays - Cork Ashtray Knocker
It Works
You stick it on the ashtray. You bang the pipe on top. Out comes the doddle. What is there to review? It does work better than the palm of my hand.

Pipe Accessories - 2 Pipe Bag Black Vinyl
It is okay
This did not accommodate the larger apple bowls that I generally smoke. The wide bowl holds the pipe away from the side of the case and as such, the strap/loop that secures the pipe puts too much stress on the pipe for my comfort. It works fine with and average size billiard shape. If you smoke authors and the like, keep shopping.

Tampers & Tools - Tobacco Pipe Wind Cap
Simple and effective
It works. You need one. Need I say more?

Stands & Pouches - Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation 1 Pipe Combo Pouch Hunter Brown
Well made
The problem with inexpensive leather products is the shoddy stitching but this bag is surprisingly well made. The tobacco pouch has an interesting feel and enables the complete removal of your stuffings with no seams to trap ribbon inside. I might buy a different color.

Peterson - University Flake 50g
Straight Forward
Just a great straight forward V-flake. If you smoke Virginia flake, you will probably like this one too. I do not find it as strong as the "3 dots" on this page might suggest.

Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation - 1931 Flake 3.5oz
My go to choice
This is by far my favorite Virginia flake. It has enough sweetness without being too sweet. Smokes great straight out of a fresh tin. I have not been disappointed with a 4th Generation offering yet. I am stocking up.

Cornell & Diehl - Cube Cut Burley 2oz
I hope it ages
I had never smoked Straight burley before this so my review is probably worthless. That being said, I did not care for it alone. I will atempt to blend it in with something strong a see what happens. I suspect that it will sit idle in the mason jar for a year to see what happens.

Peterson - Founders Choice 100g
All hail the KING!!!
This is the king of flavor country. It is easily the most exciting aromatic tobacco that I have ever smoked. You can taste the fruit.You can taste the rum. It has enough spice to taste exotic. I smoke Virginia flake almost exclusively and this tin has changed my world.I am stocking up.

Dunhill - Early Morning Pipe 50g
What more can I say? The can was fresh.

Peter Stokkebye - PS403 Luxury Bullseye Flake
Crumple fluff
Seemed to be a slow burner which is about right as the perique came through stronger than the Virginia for me. The cavendish crumbles to pieces so you have to be careful and a bit creative to distribute it evenly throughout the bowl. All said, a pleasant smoke that pairs well with leggy reds and stout beers. I am going to let it mellow in the mason for a few months and see what happens.

Solani - Silver Label - 660 100g
Smoked very well
What a great smoking flake! Long strand flakes that crumple-fluff nicely and smoke evenly. I rarely had to relight. While I do not find it to be as spicy as others have stated, I thought the flavor was well balanced. I enjoy Virginias with beer and this paired well with the Pilsner Urquell last night. I hope it pairs well with college football. We will find out next weekend!

Enzian (5) (9mm)

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Urano Cavalier

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Urano Bucaneve Bent Apple with Silver

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Duo Filter Noce (9mm)

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First Calabash Noce (1997) (9mm)

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Marlin (10)

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G. L. Pease
Spark Plug 2oz

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University Flake 50g

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Three Nuns
Three Nuns 1.75oz

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Dan Tobacco
Independence 50g

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Tobacco Jars
Neerup Leather Tobacco Mat

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