Romeo y Julieta - Reserva Real Corona
great cigar
this cigar starts off mild and the flavor builds as you smoke it down. this is a cigar you will smoke to the nub.

Acid - Blondie
sweet clove
this cigar has a flavored tip. it has the taste and smell of clove.great taste from start to finish.

McClelland - Special: Anniversary 100g
this to me is the best virginia tobacco you can get. so much going on with this blend i dont know where to start. if you like virginias this is a must try.

McClelland - Grand Orientals: Drama Reserve 50g
very light
this tobacco is a little light to me. i mixed it with some blackhouse and it calmed the blackhouse down a little.

Hearth & Home - Blackhouse 2oz
strong stuff
this blend was strong from the start. i like my tobacco to start off a with a little less kick to it.

Germain - Plum Cake 50g
not there
this was a very light smoke. not very tasty . seems to be missing some thing.

Esoterica - Penzance 2oz
hard to come by
picked up a tin on ebay. it was worth the wait to find it. smooth from start to finish. gets better and stronger as you smoke it down.was so good that i picked up 2 more tins on ebay. going to wait a year before trying a new tin to see how it ages.

E. Hoffman Company - Spilman Mixture 2.5oz
great classic
my dad used to smoke this blend years ago. when i got my tin i went over to his house and we both enjoyed a bowl together. he says it was just like he remembered from years ago. great after taste with a long lingering taste. one of my favorites. ages well in the can .

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