Frank J.

Sutliff - Molto Dolce 1.5oz
Candy in a tin
The first thing one notices is the aroma from the tin. It is wonderfully delightful. It packed well and lit easy. The second thing is the room note. According to the gentlemen sitting next to me smoking cigars, it is very pleasant. An added bonus my wife loves the aroma. It is not offensive at all. As for the taste, the sweetness of the Cavendish is present but not overpowering. I can taste a hint of the caramel and the vanilla of course and the honey as well, which is the flavor one is left with at the end of the puff. At least for me. It is slightly creamy (vanilla, I presume) and with the honey flavor, it lends itself to being more of a dessert smoke I would think. The Smoke, some crackeling, which stopped once properly lit. I love the thick, rich and fragrant clouds of smoke this has. The tin aroma transfers itself over to the smoke, not like most aromatics, where it will dissipate. And the strong aroma stays throughout the smoke. Overall this has all I like in an aromatic. From start to finish I loved this blend. Thick and rich, yet cool with no bite at all.

Mac Baren - Plumcake 3.5oz
Not your typical aromatic
Plumcake is not a typical aromatic at all. This is one of my favorite MacBaren blends. When you open up the tin, you are hit with that smell of plum, rum and then the smell of some spicy latakia underneath. Very interesting smell. The plum and rum flavors don't overpower so much as compliment the virginia and burley combination. It's a completely different kind of tobacco than I've ever smoked, not quite aromatic, not quite an English blend. The flavor when it is smoked its more latakia and less rum. The rum, to me, adds more to the room note and not to the overall taste. Mind you, there is a rum flavor. The first 1/3 to half of the bowl was like that, a good steady English. Slightly sweet Virginia and spicy Cavendish, however mellowed by the present Burley. The aromatic comes out about half way through the bowl. Many people consider this an aromatic, but with the latakia, it taste more like an English with some rum added (which works well together) than an overly cased rum aromatic. Definitely worth trying if you love aromatics, rum, English or latakia. Overall I'd have to say this is a great smoke for someone looking for a very light aromatic.

Mac Baren - Navy Flake 3.5oz
Rich and sweet
Upon opening the tin, the aroma is a cross between light rum, honey and even some plum wine. It’s a little sweet, but not too sweet. Lighting it isn’t difficult either and once lit it tends to stay that way without any great amount of puffing or numerous re-lights. One of the easiest flake blends to rub out without being dry, and one of the easiest burning flakes. My preferred packing method (take a flake or two, fold them horizontally and vertically, stuff them into the pipe and flatten the top a bit; finished!). The Burley is certainly the predominant tobacco in this blend and you can taste a fine nutty flavor in it thanks to the Burley, but it’s certainly not overpowering. In fact I wouldn’t rate its taste and strength to be any more than on the mild side of medium. No real nicotine hit. If you enjoy flake and want an all-day smoke, this one will not disappoint. The room note is very pleasant and the taste throughout the bowl is rich and sweet.

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