Doug L.

Caribbean Blue - Seegar 50g
Great aro for a non aro smoker
Like many, i lean away from aromatics. But, many of the blends of old are renown aromatic blends. And though they may have changed in flavor profile through the years, they are still pleasant smokes. The reason why this blend reminds me of those is because of the tonka bean in it. Tonka was outlawed because they decided it was cancer causing. Many blends that used tonka bean casings/topings had to change. Yet here we are, having come full circle with it, this wonderful blend offers a unique flavor profile that is primarily, tonka bean flavored. I can sense essences of the other toppings but primarily. this has a nutty and vanilla flavor profile that really is the heart of that addition. The flavor isnt sappy or sticky. The leaf in the tin is a little moist but doesnt have that 1Q feel that is always damp and synthetic oily-ness that many do have. This is very natural in flavor. Reminds me a lot of Peterson blends. Very well done. I would say the predominant leaf is the cavendish followed by the virginias. I havent really sensed the latakia. I'm sure its there, just havent had a "hey, theres the lat" moment w/ this. VERY pleasant room note. Plenty of smoke. And, by appearance in the tin, very appealing. Tin presentation is also excellent. All said, very well done. Not overly cased. Highly recommend Seegar. Cool story behind the name too. Wish they would tell why they developed the line, somewhere.

Cornell & Diehl - Canal Boat 2oz
Special but subtle
this is a tobacco that can be overdone in a lot of ways. It's harsh out of the tin and needs aged in a mason jar. When fresh, its almost more savory than sweet. And, the latakia can drown out the burleys w/out age. That said, once aged this becomes something really special. Currently smoking a 7 year old tin...sublime. Sweet but subtle savory notes, smokey and so smooth. Dont crank on it or you'll ruin it. Get some, you'll be grateful.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Dark Bird's Eye
What can I say about this... Wow
My first 2 thoughts: 1)flavour and quality is rare. Wonderful sweet raisin, caramel, deep smokiness, rich earthiness, hints of florals(but not Lakeland). I feel like this is something of quality we just don't have much of amymore. As the tobacco industry is slowly being choked out by all the agendas in our world... I've stumbled upon a gem. 2) not to be triffed with on the nicotine levels. I smoked this in THE smallest bowl I have and only got 3/4 through before I had to put it down. I knew 1 more puff and my head was gonna start spinning. It's one to be respected. Granted I can handle moderate(not heavy) levels of nicotine at this point. So, more experienced smokers may handle it better. And some may consider this a detractor. But, for me the quality of this tabac is so so worth it. HIGHLY recommended. Gentle slow smokes for anyone with this.

Mac Baren - Royal Twist 3.5oz
Needed a little drying out of the tin. The tin note is wonderful. Nutty, raisin & grassy. Easy light. Easy burn. Nice smoke plumes. Burned to the bottom of the bowl. I rubbed it out. With some light tamping I had zero relights. I could smoke this all day. Really great blend.

McClelland - 40th Anniversary 100g
Unique for McC but still McC
Nice tin presentation. When opening the very decorative tin, 1x3/4 flakes are stacked 3/4 of the way to the top of the tin. And out pours that tart, nose hair curling virginia smell that is so unmistakable. I loudly said "wow" in my b&m and the sales guy came over and loved the smell as well. The red virginias are up front and center in the tin note. And still a spicy note is present in aroma as well. Smoking this though is a little(let the reader understand) unique for a McC virginia. It has the normal tart & sweet virginia flavor. Oh, so very smooth and delicious. But also a savory note as well. Very characteristic of burleys. There are some more subtle notes that definitely manipulate the bold virginias but I'm not able to differentiate what they are. But I feel like this is a mostly upfront virginia/burley. It is a VERY smokey smoke as well...hahaha. Funny to say it that way. That said, it is very smokey but fades quickly like a burley tends to. Not a very heavy nic hit either...typical for McC virginias. You'd have to smoke a heavy handful to be sat down by this one. But, it left me with a wonderful flavor for a few hours afterward and am very thankful I purchased the tin. Buy w/ confidence & anticipation!

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