G. L. Pease - Meridian 2oz
Reminds me of old Rattray's, maybe.
This is a virginia/oriental blend with a subtle but noticeable latakia presence. Red virgina and orientals makes this a sweet and savoury blend reminiscent of Red Raparee, although much easier on the palate. As I went through this tin, I tired of the sour orientals.

Rattray's - Accountant's Mixture 100g
It's a classic Scottish Blend
Not sure why any Rattray blend is called "an English". That's not right. Rattray was a legendary Scottish blender and we are lucky to still have these blends, although they are different from the originals tinned in the UK (pre-1990?). This one is very unique. It is a virginia/oriental blend but has dark tobaccos added in good quanity, including a barely perceptable amount of latakia. The blend is very full on the palate with a natural sweetness from the virginas. It does not get sharp or tart like Red Rapparee. The oriental tobaccos are noticeable at the very end and they are the same woody variety found in the other Rattray mixtures, but in smaller quantity it seems. I added a small amount of latakia to this with really nice result. Sweet, rich with faint smokiness, and soft on the palate. A solid medium in strength. I can't think of any other blend like this.

Rattray's - Old Gowrie 100g
A classic old Scottish Virgina Blend
It's misleading to call this a "VA/Per". It's really a straight and matured viginia blend. The perique in this must be very minimal because it is barely noticeable, if at all. This is a really old blend and a very rich classic virginia in the Scottish style.

Claret Dublin (XX)

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Algerian Superior Smooth Bulldog

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    Do You Have Any Cubans ?
  • ► Well, remember that Cuban tobacco tastes different than havana seed grown elsewhere in Latin America. It just does. I bought many boxes of Habanas from the late 80s until early 2000s. Purchasing them in Europe was much less expensive then in Canada Australia, or the UK. Buying them in the duty free shops, I paid less for Habanas the most of the cigars on this website. Yes some brands had quality problems. I had a box of Hoyo De Monterrey Churchills, one of the legends of cuban cigars. Half the cigars were plugged, and not smoke-able. I paid $250 for that box 15 years ago. A real Montecristo Habano, No. 3 is still the best cigar I've ever smoked and I have had hundreds. Partagas, Romeo Julieta , Sancho Panza, Rafael Gonzalez, were all great! The one "domestic" cigar that I love just as much is the La Gloria Cubana (Dominican or Miami). Also, think the Tatjuaje are superb. The problem is not havana cigars, it's the ridiculous prices. I've smoked all the great ones and NEVER paid more than $10. And that was for one of the last Cuban Davidoffs purchased at Harrod's. (Lovely!)