McClelland - 5110 - Dark English Full
Current Favorite
I tend to like English blends more than anything. I've smoked a fair bit of what I would consider traditional English tobaccos (i.e. Westminster) and others that are in that arena (Wilderness, Legend). For some reason, I just keep coming back to 5110. The smell of the tobacco from my pouch is as divine as the taste when smoking. If you like English blends, give 5110 a try.

McClelland - Collector: 3 Oaks Syrian 50g
My current favorite.
The last several months I've been bouncing around between various Lakatia blends as these tobaccos have the best flavors to me (right now). For each that I have smoked, I keep comparing them to 3 Oaks Syrian...and I keep coming back to the 3 Oaks Syrian after not finding the same depth and complexity in the others. Actually to me, the others are enjoyable but seem a bit flat, pale, or muted in comparison. I know individual taste may vary, but I cannot more highly recommend this blend for other Latakia lovers that are looking for a blend with the telltale Latakia taste swirled into a balanced tobacco flavor (no 'bombs' here, IMHO).

Esoterica - Stonehaven 8oz
After all the hype and effort exerted to locate a bag of Stonehenge, I was a little disappointed by the smoke. The tin note was strong and delicious...very rich and damp...with made me even more excited to smoke. Once lit, the smoke was a bit single-minded to me. Maybe some time alone in the mason jar will help it mature a little...or maybe I'll let my portion dry out more prior to lighting if off next time. Either way, this one doesn't find it's way into my top blends right now.

McClelland - Collector: Wilderness 50g
Wonderful is right...
Sorry to steal from the previous reviewer with the title word of 'wonderful', but it's a good word to describe this blend. I hesitated to write this as I haven't purchased enough for my own stores to feel comfortable with this blend getting so popular that it's hard to find. But I know my review won't change the current stars, so I felt comfortable enough to share some words in the hope that someone may find this mix and enjoy it as much as I do. To me, this tobacco blend is the perfect mix of English and Orient. It's very well-rounded complexity is complimented by the Syrian Latakia...enough to taste the mellow smokiness but not so much to overpower the exotic Orientals and other twelve or so tobaccos that participate in this medley. The complexity can best be describe with a comparison of good cognac to cheap brandy. The depth of flavor echoes forward from the instance flame touches leaf until only ash remains (and well afterward, too, from the lingering nuances that cling to my hand, face, and beard). The room note is gentler than other latakia blends, so much so my wife asked me to go back 'to the other one' (my nightly Wilderness bowl) after a one day switch-up bowl of Westminter. So if you're in the mood for something much more complex than most monotone smokes, give Wilderness a shot.

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Collector: 3 Oaks Syrian 50g

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