G. L. Pease - Gaslight 2oz
Bach fugue more than Brandenburg Concerto
This review is written in three parts. Part One-Opening the tin. The blue lable gets me in the mood for a walk through an old town where at the late hour you are the only one about. The description complete with the allusion to “familiar, compelling, irresistible” reminded me of that one girl, years ago during a week of R&R. Then the top is pulled open slightly and you stick your nose near the crack (note; I have stopped any reference to a week of R&R and am focused on the tobacco). Even with a pipe already burning it made my nose itch. Off with the top (tobacco again, no women) and there is enough paper to be a pair of Victorian ladies undies. Then, there they are two lovely little sticks with so many aromas. Part Two – Preparing the tobacco. The first tin I opened and smoked immediately. I learned then that the blend has a lot of moisture. Now I will open a can and let it sit next to my keyboard throughout the day as I work. At around cocktail hour I will slice the tobacco and put it into a jar. I think slicing is the correct approach (across the grain obviously to maintain the blend) but this is very much a shaken not stirred argument. After a vigorous shake we are ready to get down to business. I place it on the bookshelf and retrieve a glass jar filled with last weeks opened and shaken tobacco. Part Three- Smoking. In my mind, this is a Latakia based blend with other tobaccos added (not in percentage but in impact) I contrast this to something like Nightcap where Virginias is accented with Latakia. Don’t pack this blend tightly; gravity fill works best From first puff it was deep and complex, satisfying enough to demand I put my book down and just enjoy. I hasten to say that this for me is the ultimate positive. It is very slow-burning. Some suggest that Gaslight should be smoked in a smallish pipe. I differ; I pack a magnum and prepare to hang-on. Sweet Latakia flavors with the Oriental adding a zesty touch. I think the Virginia acts as a wall, if you will, upon which the flavor pictures of the other two tobaccos are hung. Pluses – a wonderful tobacco to be enjoyed during contemplative times. I don’t see this as a tobacco to go fishing with or at a chess tournament. Negatives – My wife, who is a bit of an exotic English blend herself (having been born in India under the Raj), finds this tobacco to have an offensive room note. As a reference point; she finds my Padron Anniversario maduro cigars to be pleasing, but this blend is off-putting. Hence, I am guaranteed several hours of uninterrupted me time. (Perhaps this belongs in the pluses?) I generally share my space with four fine Labradors. All have been without complaint.

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