Robert D.

Stands & Pouches - Peterson Classic Roll Up Pouch
Best Pouch I've Ever Had
I've been a pipe smoker for over forty years. The life of a pouch tends to be the life of the liner -- which is usually some variety of plastic, rubber, silicone, etc. At some point the interior disintegrates as a function of use, ambient temperature (e.g., left in the car in winter's cold), etc. I have just ordered another of this pouch; the first lasted over four years -- and when the liner began to disintegrate, the exterior still possessed the integrity, was still as supple, as the day I bought it. The receipt from May 2013 says $20. So it's gone up a bit. But at this price you can afford two or more. Don't waste $150 unless you have an unlimited budget. This is the one you want. PS: It also holds a pipe, and cleaners, should you wish to use the extra pockets.