Drucquer & Sons - Trafalgar 100g
Drucquer tins were never vacuum packed.
Alan S, I'm sorry if you don't find enough latakia presence in this one. There's actually quite a bit in the blend, but the relatively low percentage of oriental leaf can sometimes make it seem like there's less latakia than there is. These two tobaccos work in harmony to sort of amplify each other. Levant might be more to your liking, as it contains both tobaccos in higher percentage. Trafalgar is one of my top faves of the range. It's got a wonderful balance, is complex enough to hold my interest throughout the bowl, and gentle enough that I don't get overwhelmed by "latakia tongue" after smoking even a fairly large bowl. As far as the tins are concerned, Drucquer tins were never vacuum packed. Neither were Rattrays, the original Sobranies, or many other old blends. I learned to really appreciate the way the tobaccos age when packaged this way, and made the decision early on to carry that tradition forward both with my own brand, and with these.

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