Missouri Meerschaum - Imperial Blue Hardwood Apple Bent
This is a 6mm filter pipe.
I've only had one smoke from this pipe so far. While it was a good smoke for sure, I'm really posting to add a correction to the description. This pipe and the straight stem version are both 6mm filter pipes. They arrive with a paper filter in place. Of course, they can be smoked without a filter as well. Update: I should mention it will not accept Savinelli 6mm charcoal filters, but will accept Savinelli and Mitchell Thomas balsa filters as well as Medico filters. It continues to provide very good smokes.

Samuel Gawith - Cannon Plug 8oz
Unique & Delightful
I took a chance on this one and it really paid off. Cannon Plug is definitely in my top 5 tobaccos. I was a little concerned when I opened the package and was hit with a strong aroma of floral perfume. However, with no additional age on the plug, I sliced a small portion into small cube cuts, dried it thoroughly, and was greeted with a mild, flavorful smoke that is indeed floral in nature. Having spent a little time with it, I've discovered thin slices, rubbed out thoroughly, seem to provide a more consistent burn as opposed to cube cuts. This tobacco might not be for everyone, so I'll say if you like Lakeland blends, you should give this a try. If not, you may not want to take a chance on purchasing such a large quantity. I sure am glad I did.

Tampers & Tools - Larry Blackett Cannon and Carriage Pewter Tamper
Almost perfect!
I really like this tamper. It looks great on the table and the rest is designed well and convenient. My only very small criticism is that the prongs on the cannon should have been set just a tiny bit closer to the front so the cannon could rest straight in it's stand. While it will rest straight most of the time, one small nudge and it tips downward like you see in the product photo.

Tampers & Tools - Larry Blackett Skull Pewter Tamper
Love it!
Has a nice weight to it. Looks better in hand then in the product photo. Stands straight without wobble. Tamper foot is small enough to manipulate tobacco toward the bottom of most bowls.

Replacement Stems - Acrylic Churchwarden Stem (for Nording)
Not Even Close
While the stem is well made with a nice polished finish and good draw, as another reviewer stated, it doesn't fit. If I were to force the stem into the pipe, it would certainly crack the shank. However, this may be intentional, with the idea that the stem should be sanded down to fit whichever pipe you choose. I'll keep the stem and work it to fit. I do think that the item description should state that the stem will not be a direct fit and will require finishing on the part of the customer. Update: Upon fitting the stem to the pipe and using it, I discovered that the interior of the button has an unpleasant, unfinished feel and will also need to be completed with more filing and sanding. Disappointing.

Old German Clay - Bishop and Knight
Check the Design Before Smoking
The one I received has an uneven bowl. I didn't realize until I was already smoking it that the knight's head was cut off. Lol! The construction is a bit shoddy compared to other clays I have purchased. However, it smokes just fine.

Tabac De La Semois - Les Bouchons (Box of 10)
An Interesting Novelty
I should state first that I do enjoy Semois tobacco, but I found this smoking experience a bit unpleasant. The most accurate taste description I can offer is that of a cigar nub that has started to become a bit acrid. The first few puffs are nice, but that quickly fades. The construction of the bouchons is a bit inconsistent. The first one I smoked was crumbling as it sat in the box and drew so much air from the several cracks in the leaves, that getting any smoke volume required a very firm puffs, resulting in some tongue bite. Overall, disappointing for such an expensive box of tobacco I would otherwise enjoy in its other, more traditional forms. Yes, I did follow the recommended procedure for smoking.

Tampers & Tools - 8deco Kokka Deluxe Silver Tamper
Excellent Tamper
Definitely my new favorite tamper. Perfect weight for gently tamping tobacco under the weight of the tamper. Wood shaft provides confident grip. Curved foot allows easy manipulation of the tobacco/ash. Slanted silver cap is also useful for manipulating the ash/ember and is useful for removing dottle without scraping the bowl. Stands stable and looks elegant without being gaudy. I hope to see more of this design with a variety of woods.

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Cannon Plug 8oz

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Perfection Mixture 8oz

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Perfection Mixture 50g

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