Tampers & Tools - John Aylesbury Pipe Tool
Thumbs Up!
I ordered this pipe tool chiefly because it has a long pick. I admit I was a bit dubious when it first arrived, as It is somewhat different than other picks and tampers that I have been accustomed to. Now after using it for three months I am happy to report that I really like it a lot. As I mentioned, the pick is good and long for reaching into deep chambers, and the tamper, while slightly unconventional in shape, works very well in pipes of all shapes and sizes. Plus it has a nice feel of solidity about it and the wood grain pattern on the handle is appealing to the eye. It is reasonably priced too, IMO. My only reservation would be that the pick feels a wee bit loose, so I try not to be too ham fisted with it. Overall though, I am very satisfied with it.

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