Matthew W.

Stands & Pouches - Neal Yarm 12 Pipe Stand Solid Back Oak
Excellent quality
These are well made, solid stands. The wood is thick and the finish is flawless. The felt pads are firmly secured and protect the bowl and stem. I'm waiting for them to come back into stock so I can order a few more.

Home Fragrance - Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle Clothesline Fresh 13oz
Allows me to smoke inside
I don't like to smoke outside when the weather is cold, so I decided to give the candle a go. I'm not going to say that the candle eliminates all the odors. The candle works well enough that the wife doesn't complain about the Balkans I smoke most of the time. If She Who Must Be Obeyed is happy and I can stoke up inside, I'm willing to keep purchasing the candles.

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