Captain Black - Royal 1.5oz
Royal for a reason.
Definitely better than the original, but not as good as the platinum. It's clean, it's crisp, it's light and enjoyable, but lacks any real distinction or personality. However since you can get it just about anywhere, not a bad standby if you want something you know won't let you down when you're out and about.

Cornell & Diehl - Green River Vanilla
Vanilla you say?
I've had C&D blends that were fantastic. I've had vanilla blends that were fantastic. This isn't one of them. There's a slight vanilla aroma, but I'm just not getting the flavor. I'm not sure where it falls flat, maybe it just doesn't smoke well in the pipe that I chose this evening, maybe I need to smoke another bowl or two to really figure it out, but at this point in time, this is probably one of the lightest, most disappointing vanilla blends I've had. Unless this just shines in a different bowl size and shape or gets better with subsequent bowls, I won't be buying this one again.

Cornell & Diehl - Haunted Bookshop 2oz
If you like Burley and a big nicotine hit, this is it!
I think it has very good overall flavor, subsequent bowls are better, the first could be a little mute. Definitely had more nicotine content than I was expecting, probably should have ate some lunch first. If you want a nice burley forward tobacco blend, give this one I try.

Sutliff - Buttered Rum
Clean, Crisp Smoke
If you're looking for something that's clean, crisp and has almost no aftertasting your mouth, this is it. The buttered rum is definitely in the aroma, but very light on flavor in the mouth. I would say that it starts off a little light for the first third of the bowl, really comes alive in the middle and then kind of dissipates again during the last 3rd. If you're expecting Lifesavers buttered rum, you're not going to get it. This is a very nice, easy and enjoyable smoke though.

Peterson - Early Morning Pipe 50g
He's, it's an English...
There's nothing particularly wrong with this one, but if you want a Peterson English blend, their nightcap is better and their Mixture 965 is even better than that. I don't see myself buying another tin of this.

Peterson - My Mixture 965 50g
If you want an English, look no further.
Of the various English blends I've tried, this one seems to come out on top. Full body and flavor and aroma, almost transports you back to a simpler time. I'm going to have to get a pound of this.

Sutliff - SPS-2003 Strawberry Delight
Favorite "fruit" blend.
While it's true that this is a little light on the strawberry aroma and flavor, I find it very easy and pleasant, there's zero tongue bite and you definitely get a little bit of a strawberry aftertaste. The real star is the way the strawberry gently fills the room like an old scratch and sniff sticker. I think this one really comes down to having a nice clean palate and a glass of water while you smoke.

Sutliff - Duke Albert
The Price is dead, long live the Duke!
So if you smoke and like Prince Albert, you need to try this one, it's smoother, smokes cooler and has all the flavor and aroma, but in the end it's just better.

Captain Black - Platinum 1.5oz
Sweet, easy smoking.
When I first opened this, it smelled very similar to the Peterson Sweet Killarney, I have to say that I think this smokes about the same though it's a little smoother and a little lighter on the flavor, but overall pretty good and might have to replace the Peterson sweet Killarney.

Cornell & Diehl - Nutty Irishman 2oz
Easy Smoking
If you're trying to transition away from aromatics towards just a nice fine tobacco, I think this is a good jumping point to get your taste buds and your pallete ready. This is smooth almost no bite with just a little bit of tingling in the mouth. Beautiful easy smoke.

Sutliff - J12 - Chocolate Truffle
Hmmm, What Chocolate?
So there's just a hint of chocolate as an under note. But not enough to be like oh yeah that's chocolate. Almost like a hot chocolate where you put way too much water in it and not enough powder and you should have used milk instead. If you really want a chocolate explosion, you need to try the Sutliff dark and silky, that one will give you the chocolate you're looking for.

Sutliff - Dark and Silky 1.5oz
Lindts Truffles Anyone?
Sutliff Dark and Silky, which if you've ever wondered what it would be like to smoke a Lindts dark chocolate truffle, this is it, if you like chocolate, I feel like this one's a must. A little update after trying six different chocolate blends so far, this one is still King.

Missouri Meerschaum - Missouri Malta 1.5oz
If you like vanilla, TRY IT!
Lately I've been gravitating towards vanilla blends, whether it's caramel or honey or nougat, but this is just a vanilla on vanilla on vanilla blend, and if vanilla is what you're looking for this is absolutely it. It was a little moist and took a bit to get lit but once it did I only had one relight through the whole bowl. Fantastic, I'm going to have to keep a jar of this around.

Lane Limited - LL-7
Yes please!
It's pretty much as advertised, light and fluffy, I'm starting to think that Lane Limited just is the best brand around, everything I've tried from them has been great.

Lane Limited - RLP-6
Don't think about it, just order it!
So after trying a bunch of different vanilla blends from different manufacturers, I had someone recommend this. I have to say it is probably my new favorite tobacco. It is light, creamy, fluffy almost cloud-like in your mouth. The flavor is like a more upscale 1-Q. It's just fantastic, don't hesitate.

Dan Tobacco - Sweet Vanilla Honeydew 50g
Well... Hmmm...
I really was hoping for more on this one. The vanilla is light as is the honey. It's very soft and mild, I was hoping for more of the vanilla and honey punch. It's not bad, and I'll gladly smoke the rest of what I ordered, but this will not be when I get again.

Peter Stokkebye - PS24 Nougat
So the vanilla and chocolate kind of mix end up tasting like a toffee to me, which is very pleasant. If you like vanilla blends I feel like this one's pretty much a must.

Sutliff - Z92 Vanilla Custard
A nice vanilla blend
I usually smoke the Sutliff Creme Brulee or Sutliff Molto Dolce, I feel that this one falls right square between those two. If you like either one of those two you're going to like this one as well. I think it's a little sweeter, just a hint more vanilla, overall very enjoyable. I will say though, if you have a fruit blend like a strawberry or a cherry or a peach that you're not particularly fond of, go half and half with this custard and watch both of them get a little better.

Lane Limited - 1-Q
My Favorite Non-Sweet
This is my favorite tobacco right now of the non-vanilla and sweet blends that I have. It's solid and the best part is, a lot of shops sell this exact tobacco under their own label, and a lot of people don't even know it.

Cult - Blood Red Moon 50g
Give A Try
So I didn't like this the first time I had it, I got some of the sweetness but I didn't pick up much of the cherry. Then I had a second bowl a week later and more of the cherry came through. I did a third bowl another week later and finally I got what people were talking about. I think this comes in a little wet and he just needs to let it dry out a bit before you smoke it. But if you want a cherry blend, this is the one. On the upside, you can always cut it 50/50 with a nice vanilla blend and watch it turn into something great.

Seattle Pipe Club - Plum Pudding Bourbon Barrel Aged 2oz
Tobacco and Bourbon
This is an interesting smoke. It almost smells like a nice beef jerky when you open the can. And I get a lot of that oaky bourbon flavor In the smoke, but again with almost a beef jerky kind of smell. It's interesting, but it's good, especially if you pair it with a nice oaky bourbon.

Peterson - Old Dublin 50g
Current English Favorite
If you're looking for just a good English tobacco flavor, without the fuss and fancy flavors, this is it. Coming from the world of cigars, this one reminds me of why I like them.

Peterson - Hyde Park 50g
Just Basic
This blend is just like a light easy tasting tobacco, nothing fantastic or special, but it does the job. An easy transition if you're moving from cigars into pipes.

Missouri Meerschaum - Great Dane 1.5oz
Sweet Fruit
If you're looking for something with a little bit of cherry, that never goes close to becoming a cough syrup like some people say BRMC is, This is it. Hints of cherry and vanilla and just overall sweetness for a nice cool pleasurable smoke. It does tend to be a little moist, let it dry out a little bit, but this is the best thing for the buck.

Sutliff - Molto Dolce 1.5oz
Sweet and Delicious
This is my second favorite vanilla based blend. It's definitely on the sweeter side and the vanilla comes through, the only show I have with this is it tends to come a lot wetter and moisture than most tobacco's, you definitely want to let it dry out a little before you smoke it. Other than that, it's fantastic.

Peterson - Sunset Breeze 50g
Easy Evening Smoke
This one's not really for me, it's almost a little too easy smoking, maybe a little bland, but it is just a lighter easier blend after a long day of work.

Peterson - De Luxe Mixture 50g
Walnut and Vanilla
For me, the top note beyond the tobacco blend is walnut, I get a lot of nuttiness with just a hint of vanilla behind it. So if you're looking for something that's not nearly as sweet as say the Killarney or the connoisseurs choice, this is it.

Peterson - Connoisseur's Choice 50g
Sweet and Fruity
As soon as I open the lid, you can smell raisin, date, fig and a little bit of rum. It all comes through and the smokey aroma, this is one of the sweeter Petersons that I've had. It's not enough to detract you from the nice tobacco blend, it just simply enhances it.

Peterson - Sweet Killarney 50g
Just Enough Sweet
This reminds me of some of the sweeter inexpensive cigarillos that I've had, akin with Swisher Sweets. If you're looking for a decent smoke with just little bit of sweetness to cut the bitter earthy tobacco flavor, this is it.

Sutliff - Creme Brulee
My Current Favorite!
This is my current favorite tobacco. I just ordered a second round of it. The vanilla caramel really comes through not just in the aroma but in the flavor of the smoke. It's sweet but not too sweet. Delicious!

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