Cornell & Diehl - Dark Fired Kentucky 2oz
Perfect Blended with Latakia
Amazing on it's own, but also superb when blended 50/50 with Latakia.

Toscano - Sinfonia Flake 2oz
Dark, Bold, and You Know You’re Smoking Something Special
I’m an old guy, but new to pipe smoking. Abandoned cigarettes 12 years ago, after smoking for 40 years, and gravitated to nasal snuff. In that realm, dark Rappee became a favorite of mine, so it might not be surprising that I’m finding Latakia to be my preference among pipe tobaccos. From the first bowl of Sinfonia, I knew I’d found a blend I’ll be smoking regularly. Rather than trying to describe the experience in terms of flavors, hints of this, and notes of that (I’m far from qualified), I’ll say this: This is a tobacco that you know you’re smoking. It’s not something I’d stuff in a pipe while chatting with friends, or while doing things. At the risk of being cheesy, it’s a contemplative, somber, rich experience that I absolutely love. It’s smoky, bold, and yet smooth, with a good nic hit, and with just a little drying time, it burns beautifully with no fussing. I just ordered more, as I don’t want to be without this tobacco!