Fred N.

Sutliff - Estate Blend
Mellow CH
CH has a great tin note and a great room note--but no doubt Estate Blend is a better smoking blend --more mellow --more natural taste with fewer chemicals--CH can turn into toxic waste at the bottom--EB stays the same all the way down --can't identify EB as an aromatic--just a great tasteful codger--I prefer Duke Albert to EB --but EB is very good -- CH fans would love EB if they could over the chemicals in CH

Sutliff - Balkan II
Nice light taste --stays lit --might not order it again --but not bad for a light English--Great cut --makes packing very easy

Prince Albert - Prince Albert 14oz
Perfect Codger
I like codger blends and I like English Oriental blends --CH and SWR are very good --PA is noticeably better--smooth even taste all the way down --stays lit--no bite, I have a NOS Stanwell arriving this week --my first thought was to use this with my English Blends --will probably go with the PA. The PA matches are also good but real PA is better

Sutliff - Balkan S 957 Match
Nice flavorful blend --not heavy --but very pleasing taste --stays lit -no bite --no aftertaste.Love the cut --makes packing an easy job

Peter Stokkebye - PS52 Proper English
VERY NICE !!~~!!
Somewhat simple blend that delivers. Very mellow and rich --stays lit --zesty -a delightful sweetness --no aftertaste --easy puffing blend--my favorite English blend to date

Sutliff - Tobacco Galleria: Fox & Hound
Better out there
Very bland for me --maybe the perique or burly hide the lat --will let it mellow for a while --see if it's better to me in the fall--

Sutliff - Lord Nelson
NICE !!!!!!
Very tasty blend --mellow --stays lit --great for a slow puffer --no aftertaste--burns all the way down

Sutliff - 503 Heavy English
Nothing wrong with this-mellow--stays lit --a slow puffer's dream --plenty of flavor --plenty of smoke

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