Paul Z.

La Palina - Classic Rosado Toro
Great construction nice flavours
Smoked this while walking the dogs. Flavour was smooth, smoke output was great. Ash would build up to about inch and a half before falling off but I am waving my hand around swapping hands etc trying to manage two wolfhounds. Construction was great I didn't have to relight this cigar at all burned until the very end and had about an hour and 15 mins smoke time. Looking forward to trying the Naturals.

Aganorsa Leaf - JFR Corojo Super Toro
Draw was terrible
This is one of my first 5 cigars that I bought from this site and also in my opinion one of the more beautiful looking cigars. A proper lookign cigar! Unfortunately the draw was incredibly hard. Smoke output was terrible, had to re-light it 3-4 times in the hour and 20mins I smoked this while walking the dogs. Nicotine level I feel is stronger than what is says... was light headed for hours after but maybe due to the constant puffing trying to relight it. I'm hoping that I just got a bad make I've got a couple of friends who have ordered this cigar as well. We'll see what their opinion is.

Carlos Torano - The Brick Torpedo
Great first cigar
I'm a newbie cigar person and this was my first proper sized cigar. Only went out once practically at the end of the cigar which I smoked for over an hour and 20 mins while walking the dogs. Never went harsh even near the end nub. Next morning still tasted a lingering of tobacco but by midday was well and truly gone. Draw was by far the easiest and stayed consistent. Price and amount of cigar you get is amazing value.

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