Rondy R.

Books - The Pipes of Basil Rathbone’s Sherlock Holmes 2nd Edition by Mark Irwin
One of the best thirteen bucks that I’ve ever spent. So many great pictures and discussions. Mark hit this right out of the ball park! Don’t wait to buy it - the first two printings sold out because I could get my copy (my copy is a 3rd printing) and it will sell out quickly again. 5/5 stars. No, wait. 6/5 stars. Buy it now!

Tobacco Jars - Smokingpipes Tobacco Jar
Definitely Recommended
There’s not much to say - it’s a nice jar for a great price, it holds delicious pipe tobacco, and it fits nicely on my nightstand. I need to order a few more.

Captain Black - Original 12oz
The Captain Keeps Sailing
Captain Black can certainly be a point of contention between fellow pipe smokers - people either seem to love it or absolutely despise it. I happen to enjoy it myself and have for almost twenty years now. No, it’s not fancy. Yes, it will bite new smokers who puff on a pipe like they would a cigarette. No, there’s probably no one in your local pipe club that will congratulate you on smoking this blend. Yes, even people who are vehemently opposed to smoking will compliment how well this blend smells. For that reason it is the perfect blend to smoke when you are out in public. Captain Black is one of the only aromatic blends that I still smoke, having begun to prefer English blends about a decade or so ago. It’s worth keeping some on hand and giving it a shot.

Cornell & Diehl - MMIV: Rise of the Mixture Monster 3oz
I found this to be a pleasant smoke. Like most aromatics it smells better than it tastes, but it was by no means a boring smoke. Some nice but somewhat muted notes of apple and caramel buried within tobacco that is moist but not overly slow and that required no relights. I am going to pick up another tin or two to cellar and pull out when I find myself in an aromatic mood, as I often do during the Autumn and Winter months.

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