Tyler L.

Sutliff - Rum & Maple
Very Tasty!
I'm 2 months into pipe smoking and love more of the rich, tangy tobacco like Early Morning, Night Cap. But this Rum and Maple is something I will most def. smoke throughout the day, sooo tasty and burns very, very good. Every time I take a sip I have to close my eyes and shake my head in astonishment at how good this is.

Peterson - Early Morning Pipe 50g
Bold, Tangy, GOOD!
I'm practically in love with this. I try to stick to smoking it in the mornings to make the title stand, but I get away with smoking it throughout the day if Im looking for a bold, rich, tangy smoke. It just taste and feels like a high quality tobacco. Highly recommend.

Cornell & Diehl - Dark Cherry Cavendish 2oz
Good for starters.
I'm new to pipe smoking. Am more of a bold, strong, complex flavored guy myself. Got this for my Dad who was looking for some cherry, berry type of smoke. As I smoked it once or twice, I can say that it's pleasant. The cherry smells and taste a bit artificial. But otherwise it's good If you're looking for some cherry flavored smoke, it's there.

Nightcap 50g

$24.60 $16.69

Early Morning Pipe 50g

$20.25 $13.99