Douglas C.

Cornell & Diehl - Founding Fathers 2oz
Beautifully Fantastic!
Apricot and pomegranate tin note. Cool, dry smoke with 1 - 2 minute dry time. Magnificent flavor explosion. No tongue bite. This is going to be a staple in my collection.

Cult - Blood Red Moon 50g
Like pipe candy. Cool smoke, bursting with flavor, runs nice and dry in my meerschaum. Room note is warm cherry. Only downside is that if you have a beard, your beard will smell of cherry for 10 - 12 hours which is initially excellent but isn't so great when you're trying to enjoy a nice meal or drink later in the day. Stays lit, reduces to fluffy ash. Zero tongue bite. Will buy more!

Mac Baren - Vanilla Cream 3.5oz
Maybe I got a bad tin?
Tin note is very strong and punchy. Clear vanilla aroma rounded out with a Boston cream custard finish. I've had a few bowls in my meerschaum so far. I saw a lot of positive reviews on here and in the YTPC. Several folks mentioned at least a minute to dry out. That is where I started. The next bowls, I quickly moved to five and then ten minutes to no avail. Flavor after the char is clearly vanilla with a thick creamy smoke. Retrohale reminds me of a tangy Boston cream custard that quickly turns a bit artificial. Around the 10 min mark it erupts into an inferno despite my best Muttonchop breath work. Typically, this works to keep everything else nice and cool, even 7 seas. But not this stuff. The flavor goes sideways at this point. The vanilla flavor vanishes and is replaced by motor oil, tar, and a hint of sour wet Virginias. I keep at it to try and subdue this lava demon in my pipe. About twenty minutes in and roughly a third of the way through the bowl it calms down. Most of the vanilla has volatilized and you arrive at a Virgina flavor with a hint of cavendish. about a hour in and 2/3 of the way through the bowl the vanilla is back. The retrohale is now a bready vanilla cup cake, sweetness is typical virgina. Room note is spiced honey bun. Reduces completely to Fluffy white ash. Tongue bite... oh the tongue bite. This is nothing like I've experienced before. My tongue goes completely numb for a few days. My palate is basically sandpaper for the same duration. There has to be some sort of additive in here that isn't in their other blends that generates a very caustic smoke. I'll stash this one for a while, but the tin says it was made Jan 2023, so my hope that this gets better with time feels like wishful thinking. I'll try some other packing techniques on future bowls... you know, when I'm again in the mood to ruin my mouth for a few days.

Blood Red Moon 50g

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