Jeff S.

Cult - Blood Red Moon 50g
Chocolate Covered Cherry Smoke
I'm not a big aromatic smoker but I do enjoy one from time to time. Blood Red Moon is a very nice chocolate/cherry aromatic that's easy to smoke and has a very pleasant flavor. The tin smells like opening a box of chocolate covered cherries! The overall taste is more of that chocolate covered cherry flavor with some hints of vanilla and amaretto. Late stages of the bowl give more of a subtle wood flavor. The room note according to my wife is, "not bad." Which is about as good of a rating as I can get from her. Very smooth, very flavorful and nice to smoke. I liked letting it dry out for a bit but it was also fine out of the tin. I don't think I'd find myself smoking it regularly but it might be one that I keep a small stash of for the occasion that I want a nice, sweet, after dinner smoke.