Eric H.

Seattle Pipe Club - Christmas Spirit 2023 4oz
Merry Christmas
First time reviewer here, and I feel obliged to say something about this one. Yeah, it’s pricey, but not a whole heck of a lot more than some of their other blends. If it’s above your limit, that’s perfectly understandable, but I am (as I suspect many of you are) lucky enough to be able to spoil myself with some luxuries from time to time. At the rate I smoke, and the number of blends in my rotation, this $43 is going to last me a long time. Is it worth it? For me, yes. I’m currently sitting in my back yard, savoring every puff of this savory sweet smoke that perfectly encapsulates the Christmas mood I’m chasing. It’s a warm and earthy, fireplace kind of smoke, with a bit of gingerbread spice keeping me intrigued. The aroma is somehow different from, but perfectly complementary to the flavor. In the chilly air, watching the clean white smoke dance in the reflection of Christmas lights, knowing my boy is inside, sleeping sound, eager to get up and see what Santa brought him, I’m grateful to be able to sit back with this peaceful hobby of ours and reflect on all the good in our lives. Merry Christmas, all.

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