Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - American Delite
Really good right awsy!
A really pleasant smoke right out of the bag. Wonderful, in bag aroma, great taste and nice room note. A mild smoking keeper.

Cornell & Diehl - After Hours Flake 2oz
A good night cap or any other time.
I was expecting it to have a stronger aroma of Caramel when the tin was opened. But then I did not smell a lot of Rum, either. What I received was the pleasant scent of the Virginia tobacco. Quite pleasing. It felt a little moist in it's flaked state so I decided to rub it out. And once rubbed out I was rewarded with a pleasant, though slight, scent of Caramel intermixed with the Virginia. After 15 min. in the open air, it packed nicely and lit easily. More importantly it stayed lit burned slowly. The ash was white and it was almost completely consumed, very little residue in the bottom of the pipe. I thought it lived up to it's name and description. A nice pleasant slow smoke to enjoy the moment.

Reiner - Professional 100g
How can it still be so Good!
I smoked this blend 30-25 years ago and on a lark wondered if it was still made. Sure enough found it and ordered it. When I opened the tin I was struck by the familiar aroma. I was 30 years younger and could not wait light up. The flavor was exactly as I remembered and lasted for the entire pipe full. The ash was perfect and the burn slow, steady and complete. Out of the Tim the moisture was perfect and it was a two match smoke to the end.The only reason to give it less than 5 stars is because nothing is perfect and it is a bit pricey. If you have not tried this aeromatic, you have no idea how perfect an aeromatic can be. Save up your pennys or deutsch marks Euros or Sheckels and buy a tim of pure heavenly smoking!

Cornell & Diehl - Irish Blessing
Irish Creme in a Pipe
That definitely describes it. A wonderful,relaxing smoke like the Young Traditionalist said this and a glass of Irish Creme, is all I need to forget the day! The room note is great, and smoked properly the tobacco packs well, stays lit and does not bite. I like it but then I like Black Cavendish and Irish Creme!

Cornell & Diehl - Black Gold Maple
Always a pleasant smoke
nice maple smell in the bag but not too heavy and a great taste. Everyone smokes differently, I find it to be a nice slow smoke with NO BITE. Not too wet and stays lit. A go too for a nice relaxing smoke that others (non-smokers) will find pleasant.

Cornell & Diehl - Pegasus 2oz
Surprisingly Good to Me!
Not a Burley or Virginia smoker, but the mixture of these with the Black Cavendish was really quite good. Out of the tin the aroma was pleasant, tobacco was the right moisture level and it burned slowly and smoothly. A one match light out of the tin for whole pipeful. No bite and a pleasant after taste. It smells and tastes pleasant, I will be smoking this, regularly.

Cornell & Diehl - Berries & Cream
Better than expected!
I was surprized the taste was light and fruity. Not an overpowering Berry taste. The room note was pleasant to all. The tobacco was moist but no more so than other aromatics and I am used to that. Many will let air dry for a day, although it stayed lit pretty well right out of the bag. The scent out of the bag was definitely berry. If you love "Cherry Blend" this is not for you. But if you like a Black Cavendish with a hint of flavor for a morning smoke this is a "Winner" Over all a nice break.

Cornell & Diehl - Apples & Cream
As Godfather has said earlier, Where are the Apples? Certainly not in the aroma nor the flavor. It does taste and smell like an Oreo Cookie. That being said I did enjoy the smoke since I do love Black Cavendish but I was looking for the Apples.

Caribbean Blue - Drake 50g
Really Nice Arromatic
First, I am a fan of Arromatics. Having said that I am not a fan of most fruity blends, but Drake is one that I will rotate in my selections. The smell out of the tin is pleasant and Carribbean as is the taste. More importantly it light easisly, right out of the tin, and it burns slow with a very nice white ash. I had no problem keeping it lit and it did not burn hot. Very pleasant Tobbacco with a pleasant room note. If you like the Caribbean life, you will like Drake

Lane Limited
Black Raspberry

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