Jacob C.

Founders - Hamilton Candela Toro
One of the best candela cigars I have ever smoked. Tasted heavy notes of savory pistachios, with leather, and a subtle sweetness at the end. Gonna buy one for a friend.

Jake Wyatt - Lucid Interval Lancero
Burned really well, produced lots of smoke, tasted roasted and salted cashews with green and black tea. Great cigar!

Savinelli - Janus 2oz
Very interesting!
Of the pipe tobacco that I have had so far, this was very exotic, with sour fruity smells and tastes. I guess this is the influence of the Orientals and Perique, I think anyone into pipe tobacco should try this blend! I first tried it at sunrise walking my Dog, and was pleasantly surprised and intrigued the whole time. I am excited to try more oriental blends.

Oliva - Serie V Double Toro
Creamy nutty smoke, cool smoke, great draw, nice aftertaste. I wonder how it will age, don't have a big enough humidor, and I'm more interested in Connecticut's or Maduros that are aged. I think if you are looking for cigars this is a truly great one, bought it at a local vape shop. The flavor seems to increase as you smoke it.

Avo - Classic Maduro Robusto
It was well rolled, burned well, the ash held together for nearly a third of the cigar. It tasted sweet the whole time. With notes of almost sweet oak, oatmeal, hints of anise, overall an incredibly enjoyable cigar. First Avo cigar I've ever smoked!

John Aylesbury - Sir John's Flake Virginia 50g
Brother said that it smelled like marshmellows, and at some points it did taste like it! The flavor changes throughout the smoke, from sweet hay to malty. Excellent.

Romeo y Julieta - 1875 Bully
Good stuff.
Tastes of wood and peanuts from the start, halfway through I got oaky wood and leather with sweet savoryness. It was enjoyable after a long day, at the very end I got toast and chocolate taste, the end was my favorite part.

Macanudo - 1968 Robusto
It delivers its description
It was enjoyable, notes of wood and coffee. Medium in strength? full of flavor. More of a fan of creamy sweet cigars but this was nice.

Macanudo - Cru Royale Gigante
Try it!
Notes of chocolate, cedar, with some moments of leather; sometimes malty cereal..? Medium to strong nicotine at least to me. Smooth draw, but it burned awkwardly, likely a mistake on my part.

Macanudo - Inspirado Green Toro
Not too strong, but I got flavors of roasted almond, toasted peanut, cedar wood, and a lot of savory'ness. It was excellent and enjoyable. I wanted to try out what I could get here since this was the first brand cigar I've ever bought myself. Definitely enjoyable for a new cigar smoker, rather huge though, took two breaks. Paired nicely with a dark ale or stout I drank. Give the cigar a shot yallsselves!

Macanudo - Tudor Cafe
A friend told me about this cigar, saw it at a smoke shop and bought one. It's exactly as he described, creamy and woodsy, the flavor is consistent all the way through. I didn't feel any nicotine until like, finished with 5/8ths of it, so pretty mild. Once I try the few at that smoke shop I'll see what I can get on this website more often. Great cigar!

Borkum Riff - Original 1.5oz
My Grandpa used to smoke this, when I started smoking I wanted to try it. I will buy the other flavors with time. This one though was really enjoyable. Fruity and chocolatey notes, low nicotine (which if you don't like, add some Five Brothers in it! I wish I did!) It's enjoyable! It's classic! I'll get this again sometime in the future.

Old Dominion - Venus
Wonderful pipe!
This was the first pipe I ordered from this website. I read about how clay pipes don't "ghost" and have a "neutral" bowl when it comes to how the tobacco tastes when smoked. With two clay pipes and two more coming, I'll dedicate each to a particular type of pipe tobacco; I'll have this pipe for aromatic blends (Not Lakelands, that'll have it's own clay pipe to taste). I have Briar pipes using the same logic, but when I get a blend I have never had before, or just wanting a quicker smoking session, I'll use these pipes. About this pipe, it functions very well. It might get hot, so I generally hold it at the stem. And the carved Goddess on it is perfect, I wish more clay pipes with beautiful figures were on them, might have to make my own some day! For a clay pipe it can cost double what other clay pipes are sold for here, but regardless I find it to be an excellent pipe for the reasons I described above!

Mac Baren - Vanilla Cream
Not much to say about the blend, it's my first review.
I am young and still foolish so take this review with grains of salt. I have bought this blend among many others as my first couple of tobaccos. I first smoked it in a clay pipe, as I've read that they give a neutral flavor, so I have clay pipes dedicated to new blends. And well as I first started smoking I smoked it too hard and too hot. However, months later, my dog and I walk through the alley in a misty damp night at 2am, everyone is asleep. I smoked a bowl of this in my briar, it was flavorful throughout the whole bowl, truly sweet Virginia. I walked with my dog and thought many things, tasting this sweet smoke. It was not overpowering at all in anything, nicotine, flavor, tongue bite, it was simply perfect for the context. Perfectly mild, wonderfully sweet, yet tobacco flavor still shines through. I'm young, old enough to buy beer, and I love beer. But it really does shock me how so little people engage in pipe tobacco smoking, what a pleasure, so much history and lore to learn! I'm glad that my immediate family and some close friends are getting into it, and I'm always happy to share with them. Try some of this, just buy one ounce and give it a shot, I hope you can get the same enjoyment out of it that I have!

Janus 2oz

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Jupiter 2oz

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Sherlock Holmes 50g

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    Carl Gustav Jung: Pipe-Smoking Founder of Analytical Psychology
  • ► One of my biggest influences, inspirations, and birther of many of my ideals. I can't wait to try the pipe tobacco he smoked even if the recipe did change. The "Head Priest" of the Asatru Folk Assembly references him many times. I have recommended Jung to everyone I talk to where we get to such meaningful conversations. A legend, a "modern" man with the spirit of yore. Like Mark Twain, I like it when old men don't stop smoking. A friends Grandfather was told to stop smoking and he's in his 80s, but after some months he returned to smoking. Some people I have read are genetically more resistant to the effects of tobacco, I hope I am! I have a family history of smokers. Notably my Grandfather and even my Mother when she was younger. After commenting this I'll enjoy an aromatic, cheers to the enjoyers of this wonderful hobby!