Acid - Kuba Kuba
Sweet & spice
Earl Grey and lavender aroma and flavour from the beginning. Fairly sweet cigar with a lit bit of spice on the retro towards the end of the cigar. The cigar was originally gifted to me and I had never had an infused cigar prior. Needless to say I bought a box and have been loving it since. Not my everyday cigar but definitely an interesting one. Few burn issues on the cigar. Would recommend to a novice smoker and someone with a sweet tooth.

Hoyo de Monterrey - Excalibur Black Toro
Amazing stick
A stick with a lot of pepper and cream. Smooth throughout the entire cigar. A lot of pepper and spice, the first third did not have much going on but the second third and last was just beautiful. Paired it with diet coke and a zacapa xo rum on several occasions and always delivered.

La Aroma de Cuba - Original El Jefe
Big Beauty
This one is not for the weak hearted. It requires time and effort to smoke. A lovely 2.5 - 3hrs smoke. Lovely sweetness through the first third, followed with a hint of cinnamon in the second and some pepper. Last third had a fair bit of spice, not overwhelming but just enough to make you have a zing on the retro. Will definitely buy again.

Don Pepin Garcia - Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial Toro
Decent Creamy Stick
Heavy Creamy stick, I had 3 in a total time span of 5 weeks. The first one had amazing burn, a lot of smoke but not a lot of flavours coming through. My second one unfortunately was plugged. 3rd one was the same as first. Overall, decent cigar for someone who prefers creamy, vanilla, allspice flavour. However, not for me. Still have 2 in the humidor, will wait a few months to see in anything changes.

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