Peterson - Hyde Park 50g
Changing Sweetness Throughout Bowl
I was curious about Hyde so I ordered a tin and got right to smoking upon arrival. Moisture needed a slight drying time, and it packed very easily. Tin notes are definitely sweet- like a maple syrup. Reminds me of childhood pancakes. Upon light I tasted maple, brown sugar, and a hint of a flowery apricot. The flavors change as the bowl continues to be smoke, less and less sweet until the end of the journey. A great tobacco for those who want an in between aro/non-aro.

G. L. Pease - Cumberland 2oz
Dark and Peppery
I’d consider Cumberland to be a blend not for those who are transitioning from aromatics to non aromatics; this blend is quite complex and is great, but has strong darker tones: spice, campfire smoke, and pepper. I think that this is an equivalent to an aged highland scotch. Might be an everyday smoker for those who enjoy a blend that has a more strong and robust profile.

G. L. Pease - Maltese Falcon 2oz
Thanks MuttonChop Piper
I tried Maltese Falcon because of MuttonChop, and at first charting light, I can taste the strong Latakia presence. Throughout the bowl, I detected savory and dark notes- campfire, spices, roasted walnuts, and a sour-sweetness that is reminiscent of ginger. Definitely darker notes as no bright sweetness was detected. I did have to dry this out considerably and I typically relight this blend more so than average.

Peterson - Old Dublin 50g
A Sweeter English
Old Dublin is a Smokey, complex, and smooth blend. The oriental leaves really play a more forward position than that of the Virginias. The black Cavendish isn’t a big player in this blend, but has just enough presence to keep things on the sweeter side with the Virginias- it really balances out the abundance of Latakia peat-smoke.

Peterson - Royal Yacht 50g
Packs a punch
I consider Royal Yacht to pack a moderate dose of nicotine- so be aware of its strength if you’re new to piping! Figs, raisins, mellow sweetness- it has a tin note and smoking taste that reminds me of fog newtons or raisinettes, it’s quite wonderful!

Peterson - Standard Mixture 50g
Balanced English
Standard Mixture is a great Smokey English Blend. Although I wouldn’t consider this a Latakia bomb, nor would this be a Virginia forward sweet tobacco- it is rather very balanced, and is a great introduction to English Blends and/or a good choice for an everyday smoke.

Peterson - Sweet Killarney 50g
Wife Approved
Sweet Killarney has a very noticeable fruity, caramel flavor when dipped slowly. Distinguishing between the flavors really hit in the retrohale. Burns a bit hot, though I did not age nor dry my tobacco upon smoking right after opening the tin seal. The room note is wife approved- and not much gets wife approved, therefore, it’s a 5 star tobacco! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t say sweet Killarney without trying their best Irish accent.

Orlik - Golden Sliced 100g
Sweet Summer Days
Orlik Golden Sliced (OGS) is my favorite winter blend simply because it makes me feel like I’m in summer: sweet, mildly tangy, hay-like flavors with what I perceive as a faint honey, allows me to forget for the slightest moment that winter is here. Great as an everyday and all day smoke, you’ll love the various ways to pack this in your pipe. The perique is somewhere between underwhelming and non-existent: you really have to concentrate to find it. Simple, yet satisfying!

Prince Albert - Prince Albert 14oz
I believe that Prince Albert was amongst the working American men that built this great nation. PA rode alongside pipes in pockets of these historical men and saw the expanse and labors of our fathers, and their fathers too. Easy to pack, stays lit forever, and consistent roasted nuts, dark cocoa, and Nutella in every bowl. When I smoke PA, especially in a corncob- I feel connected to the rich histories of the dying blue collar workforce, and it makes me feel that much more American. Contemplate that!

Peterson - Early Morning Pipe 50g
Timeless Classic
You can’t go wrong with EMP- crisp and light with perfectly balanced sweet and savory spices from the orientals. A cool Smokey theme, like a warm campfire in a morning forest dew. EMP is truly a staple.

G. L. Pease - Samarra 2oz
My Favorite Daily Blend
Sweet, cool, and silky- Samarra is my favorite daily blend and the retrohale is truly pleasant. I consider this to be a sweeter English blend, as the Virginias are a clear note that balances well with latakia. I’m typically not a perique lover, but the perique plays a very faint background and is not very detectable. Nice, puffy clouds and a did I mention the retrohale?

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