William A.

Sutliff - Red Virginia Ribbon
Indispensable component.
I always get at least a couple ounces with every single order. So many blends out there that are too powerful. Adding some Virginia is usually the solution but it’s gotta be top notch component like this or your just ruining perfectly good tobacco

Peter Stokkebye - PS301 Natural Dutch Cavendish
The Heineken of tobacco’s
301 NDC is the first blend I think of when it comes to talk of a reliable smoke. If every pipe smoker in the whole world knew about 301 then nobody would ever have to smoke shitty tobacco ever again. This stuff will make one seriously wonder how there can possibly be so many totally disgusting blends out there when apparently all that really needs to be done to produce something highly smokable is to throw some relatively decent Burley and Virginia together just like this and call it a day.

Cornell & Diehl - Dark Burley
Gratefully Good.
There’s not much out there for something like this. Very tasty and an extremely well behaved burn. Zero complaints on this one.

Mac Baren - HH Burley Flake 16oz
Best Of The Rest.
This stuff just never fails. LongLasting MouthWatering taste all the time everytime.

Sutliff - J4 - Burley
So far- Soooo Gooood.
There’s not a lot of options out there for something like this. C&D Light Burley is essentially cardboard shreds and the Dark Burley seems great but more earthy and a bit sour. This is more about sublime sweetness and smooth flavor. I feel grateful that this is available- if it’s all I can get then I’ll still be happy.

Mac Baren - HH Pure Virginia 16oz
Im a relative newbie who bought a pound of HH Virginia as my first bulk HH purchase. I learned so much with this tabacco. I opened the box and immediately tried a sample and had horrible results and it became clear to me that it was way to fresh to smoke yet- which was a new concept to me. What I did then was separate it all into air-tight jars and only a week later it transformed into the smoothest, tastiest tabacco I’ve yet to experience. Hard to believe that such tight tolerances on quality control and optimum freshness can be achieved in a bulk product. All you have to do is buy it, get it out of the box and into jars then simply wait a week and you end-up with something as close to perfection as I’m ever likely to see in a bulk product. Could not be happier- Ordering the HH Burley now. I’m done wasting money chasing quality and flavor while avoiding tongue bite and harshness. Just go HH bulk and forget everything else unless you got money to burn.

No.81 Denmark Pipe Cut

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Mac Baren
HH Latakia Flake 16oz

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Mac Baren
HH Pure Virginia 3.5oz

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Mac Baren
HH Pure Virginia 1.75oz

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Nightcap 50g

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Cornell & Diehl

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Cornell & Diehl
Izmir Turkish

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No.400 Superior Navy Flake

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Cornell & Diehl
Autumn Evening

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Cornell & Diehl
Black Gold Maple

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