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personally, I'm a fan of either kramer

Lighters - Kiribi Lighter Flints
Great flints
Audibly they're less jagged and crunchy. Additionally, the packaging isnt basically a puzzle for small birds you would find at a pet store, so that's always appreciated.

Lighters - Zippo Cornell & Diehl Pipe Lighter
tremendous addition to your bag
foolishly I have tried several times to use the standard zippo's tank to light a pipe, having to tilt both pipe and chimney at some steep angle, with it only lighting half the bowl usually. The logic being that the small holes dotted in the metal would allow adequate flame through. I had assumed the experience would be similar with the pipe insert, so I went and bought an angled flame lighter and put this off onto a list. Boy, am I glad to have picked this up at all, but doing so sooner would've likely been appreciated by my pipes. It's nearly a different lighter in terms of performance, arguably a better design altogether. Where a zippo's stock chimney leaves me wanting a slightly more robust flame without needless fiddling, the pipe insert spits a column of opaque fire straight at the sky, unbothered by both shop fans and windy weather. As for the print, I second Al's review. The etch seems durable, and its tone can almost disappear if the lighting is warm and soft enough. I do wish the texture put onto either face of the lighter would wrap the sides and top, but that's probably the most substantial bother I could think of with this, and I'm sure the metal will wear with use to match over time. A necessity if smoking outside in any weather past a leaf rustling breeze.

Filters & Adaptors - Nording Keystone Filters 14g
though loading them into a pipe is always kind of strange, these work excellent! I put these in my Tsuge spider, and these last easily 10+ bowls

Lighters - Rattray's Bel Lighter Chrome Stripe
bic is trembling! (if their main product wasnt plastic itself)
After only a week and some change of use, this has changed my perception of lighters entirely. With its angled flame I'm able to maneuver it around, hypothetically, a blob of hash sat in the middle of some greenery without scorching the oily center into a black spot. As you could imagine, lighting tobacco is of zero effort with one of these. My only concern with it is knowing how dainty its internals are, making sure to purge it and such before refueling. It's taken a fall only twice from my shirt pocket two or three feet high while I'm picking up coffee beans or something similar, and the flame is acting different than it had, though I might just need to refill it. The finish and striping is superb. UPDATE: absolutely was a lack of fuel, bumped it up by a half star!

Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation - Evening Flake
very fresh
citrus notes, rubs apart or folds without effort

Lane Limited - LL-7
delightful :)
whatever the casings made of is barely noticeable when holding the tobacco. It doesn't need any drying, though a good half hour or so does enhance the chocolate

Kramer's - Father Dempsey
earthy but vibrant, came a little dry

Missouri Meerschaum - Legend 5th Avenue Straight (6mm)
Worthless for smoking, probably good for a theater prop
If you love feeling gritty crumbs of clay falling from your fingers whenever you so much as adjust your hand on its bowl, this is the pipe for you! Treat it gently, as you would a baby bird and it will reward you tenfold with two to three weeks max of use. Absolute trash. Do yourself a favor, and look through Missouri Meerschaums website catalog to make sure you're buying a pipe that can actually be used to smoke tobacco, and not some disposable knick knack.